QuakeWorld Today: ezQuake


Modern graphics
Particle explosions, shaft beam, gunshots, nails, rocket and grenade trails, blood, and others, MD3 models, fog, water effects, killing spree messages, rain...
QuakeTV Support
Native connection to QuakeTV, allowing you to observe matches just by one click on a link you find on the internet. Supports all existing multiview features (see below)
Rich Menus
Mouse driven menus allowing you to change every single setting you need for comfortable customized gameplay
Multiview support
View recorded games from view of four players, watch overall action on radar, check which team is leading on simple bar, all player stats in a handy table, autotrack the best player...
Independent physics
Don't get limited by server settings, use your graphics card full potential to render the game at as much frames per second as possible.
Server Browser
Search for active servers at one key press, filter the servers by various criteria
Video Capture
It's easy to share the fun of your best game moments thanks one single command that will directly capture xvid/divx encoded video of your screen. Lot of advanced camera scripting possibilities.
Demo Browser
Manage your recorded games, create playlists, delete old demos, play a demo loop.
Graphics customization
Customize your Head Up Display, colors of walls and liquids, turn superfluous graphics effects off, change world textures, crosshair, sky picture, console background, game font, ...
Modern gaming features
Fullbright skins, choosing one color for all enemies, advanced weapon handling, teamplay messages, auto game recording, automated screenshots and console logging, ...
MP3 player control
Send the song name to other players on the server, control your MP3 player from inside of the game.
Scripting possibilities
Customize the behavior of your client with user variables, basic programming clauses or use full potential of Tool Command Language (TCL).
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