QuakeWorld Today: ezQuake


Official builds

Here are links to the latest official builds of the ezQuake client:

OS Version Type Date Link
4 color Windows logo Windows2.2Upgrade2013-12-10 Download
Linux tux Linux x862.2Upgrade2013-12-10 Download
Linux tux Linux x86_642.2Upgrade2013-12-10 Download
Macintosh silver apple Mac OS X2.1full2011-04-12 Download
FreeBSD red logo FreeBSD2.1full2011-04-12 Download

Note: To play QuakeWorld you need files from original Quake game. Check Installation manual page for further info.

Our client comes only with bare minimum of game media. If you want to experience modern graphics and other additional media in the game including custom configurations, try nQuake.

All official builds

If you are looking for older version or some file that is not listed above, here are all official stable releases.

Beta and Test builds

When new official build is coming, we release Beta builds, also called as Release Candidates.

You can also download latest development alpha versions of the client. These are intended only for testing purposes and may contain major bugs. Check the nightly builds page.

Security module

If a league rules require you to have a security module installed, this is the place where you can get it. It is a closed source library used by the client to authenticate itself to other users on the server you are connected to.
You must place this file into the same dir as the game executable (same dir as the target of the installation).
Here you can download the security module for old versions of ezQuake. For version 1.9 and newer there is no security module available.

Game stuff

Custom graphics

You may download all sorts of custom graphics to be used during the game. Elements of the Head Up Display, console background, game font, crosshairs, world textures, menu graphics, player skins, ...
Such files are not distributed with our binaries to save your bandwidth so you may wish to visit one of the following sites:

You will find instructions how to use these files in an appropriate manual page.

Other stuff

A great archive of configuration files, game mods, software utilities and other stuff that may come handy when playing QuakeWorld is at the fQuake site.