ezQuake Manual: Old Changelogs

Build 1754, 2006-12-17 [1.7]
Teamplay observing
  • Teamplay prefix - you can choose a prefix which will replace your nick in teamplay messages, won't break good old config messages (tonik)
  • weapon auto-hiding, known as shotgun/boomstick script (johnnycz)
  • Time info visible for spectators in scoreboard (qqshka)
  • pointing priorities (tp_pointpriorities, johnnycz)
  • Fixed multiview and newhud issues (Cokeman)
  • Fixed contrast issues (Cokeman)
  • Fixed player colors/skins issues (Cokeman)
  • Autoload screen configuration for comfortable multiview demos observing (johnnycz)
  • Tracking element views names of tracked players (Cokeman)
  • New minihud styles - cl_mvhudpos, cl_mvhudvertical, cl_mvhudflip (Cokeman)
  • Playback of .dem / Quake1 / NetQuake demos (tonik)
Movie recording
  • Fakeshaft prohibition removed; it's up to leagues if they still disallow it explicitly in the rules; use f_fakeshaft to check it's usage (johnnycz)
  • TCL limited in Smackdown ruleset (disconnect)
  • allowed critical particle effects for demoplay & observing only (johnnycz)
  • Separated frag messages (qqshka)
  • Group elements background images (Cokeman)
  • Elements background color (*_frame_color; Cokeman)
  • Elements can be drawn partially off screen (cokeman)
  • ezHud script - visually customize the HUD using your keyboard, /exec cfg/ezhud (johnnycz)
  • new speed element properties - opacity, colors, vertical, height/width, align, ... (cokeman)
  • speed2 HUD element - coolish rounded speed-o-meter (cokeman)
  • gun, ammo, iammo elements take cl_weaponpreselect settings in count (johnnycz)
  • Ability to change large numbers format hud_digits_trim (VVD)
  • democlock as an element of a new HUD (johnnycz)
  • s_bits, s_stereo, s_khz, s_noalsa, s_restart (disconnect)
Windows sound
  • s_khz, s_restart (disconnect)
  • Fixed MD3 models rendering (qqshka)
  • Shaft origin particle bug fixed (qqshka)
  • reset gamma to default on exit, as MQWCL does; can fix broken gamma after game crashed (VVD)
  • vid_forcerestoregamma - force restore gamma after returning to minimized application; might be usefull if you have ATI card (VVD)
  • Anisotropy control from in-game (moodles)
  • Broken coronas on slow demo speed fixed (Cokeman)
  • Fixed synchronization on overtime, connection in the middle of the match, match end small desync., and on demo jumps. (johnnycz)
Server Browser
  • Better spectator display (qqshka)
  • Team column, server has to support this (qqshka)
  • Default mark and autoupdate; added list from quakeservers.net (johnnycz)
  • Chat icon - shows an icon over player's head when he's typing a message (qqshka)
  • some of FTE code, e.g. tcpconnect (disconnect)
  • initial support (oldmanuk)
  • Triggers and HUD strings allowed for demos and spectators. Use cl_restrictions 0 to disable it there too. (disconnect)
  • Fixed mp3_volume issues. Use mp3_volume +0.1 to increase your media player volume. Removed -nomp3ctrlvolume and mp3_grabvolume. (johnnycz)
  • $rand, $conwidth, $conheight macros (johnnycz)
  • Added triggers f_freeflyspectate and f_trackspectate that triggers when going into frefly/tracking mode when spectating. (Cokeman)
  • Floodprot saved in config (johnnycz)
  • static linking, you don't need any addition libraries to run all Linux and Windows builds (disconnect, t3st), all libraries downloadable from our web for compiling
  • upload safety (disconnect)
  • match logs readable in Windows (johnnycz)
  • Video capturing with -nosound crash (johnnycz)
Build 1517, 2006-04-22 [1.6]
Security Module: Reloaded
made by disconnect
Mac OS X: Supported
by disconnect and oldman
Coloured text
made by jogi
Independent physics & smartjump
Jump issue fixed. Smartjump default ON. (tonik)
Window caption
You can see what's going on on the server in the task bar if your client is minimized by setting cl_window_caption 1.(johnnycz)
MVD Features
Powerup cams - In multiview you can bind all the Points of View to powerups, made by jogi | mvd_moreinfo - like moreinfo from ktpro. "Nabbe picked up Quad". (jogi)
Gameclock HUD element
Added scale property to both clock and gameclock HUD elements. Now you can fully customize its style and size. (johnnycz)
TCL Support
by disconnect
Auto demo conversion
Set demo_format to qwz/mvd/qwd, see qwdtools_dir. (johnnycz)
Scripting options
New commands if_exists, set_ex, set_alias_str, set_bind_str; (disconnect), more commands allowed for triggers (disconnect)
userdir, paks.lst, .link, TCL for configs
ported by disconnect
Console improvements
con_funchars_mode 0/1 - orange text, LEDs and special chars with [Ctrl] key - kind of MQWCL behaviour when set to 1 (disconnect); cvar_viewhelp manual page displayed automatically. (johnnycz)
Menu modernisation
Removed Lookstrafe and CD Music Volume, replaced with Field of View and Autoswitch Weapons (johnnycz)
minor changes and fixes
  • QTV command - give it IP of the broadcasting proxy and it will start your local proxy and setup the correct connection (as described here) (johnnycz)
  • Added f_system for linux (disconnect)
  • Silent f_modified reply when security module is not initialized (johnnycz)
  • HUD: Added styles 3 and 4 for GunX HUD elements (johnnycz)
  • HUD: Added FPS decimals (johnnycz)
  • More readable logs (Windows newlines fixed) (johnnycz)
  • r_fullbright works in GL now (tonik).
  • Noaim is back. Default 1 = disable autoaim on old servers.(johnnycz)
  • Trigger f_bonusflash (not in ruleset smackdown).(vvd)
  • cl_rollalpha - You can see the effect of cl_rollangle on enemies but you are not affected by it. Disabled in ruleset smackdown. (vvd)
  • new cvar r_shiftbeam - shift start of the shaft lights, don't work with -ruleset smackdown (for movie making) (vvd)
  • Modern defaults: m_filter off, forwardspeed 350, sensitivity 12 (tonik)
  • renamed cl_truelightning to cl_fakeshaft
  • Added triggers Triggers f_demostart and f_demoend. (johnnycz)
  • "orange characters" input mode fixed (tonik)
  • Client upload security fix (disconnect)
  • Winamp new song crash (johnnycz)
  • A lot of bugfixes (disconnect, tonik, vvd).
Build 1318, 2005-10-05 [1.5]
mvd_autotrack with customizable algorithm for POV switching (jogihoogi)
AMF Tracker messages
Fixed code so it works now (made by disconnect). See r_tracker* variables. Shows messages of how many frags in a row you've perfomed and others.
Changed defaults to current standards
Fullbright skins default on, Always run default on, v_kick* and cl_bob* default 0, "Customize controls" menu updated. (johnnycz)
Demo playlist
Use [Ctrl]+[Enter] in demo browser to add demo into playlist, access playlist on second tab of 'Demos' menu section. Looping of playlist supported. See Demo Player documentation.
Ruleset checks scripts
Reply of f_ruleset now contains info when movement scripts are off (allow_scripts 0) and when not using independent physics (cl_independentPhysics 0) (requested by NQR crew); (johnnycz)
Usage: set_calc <cvar> <command> <command arguments> | set_calc <cvar> <argument1> <operator> <argument2>
valid commands: strlen int substr set_substr pos
valid operators: + - * / div %% and or xor
See Advanced scripting documentation page.
(ported by disconnect from QW262 by BorisU)
Aliases with parameters
Example: alias cool_zoom "fov %1;sensitivity %2;v_viewheight %3;crosshaircolor %5"; cool_zoom 30 3.2 -6 79; See Advanced scripting documentation page. (ported by disconnect from QW262 by BorisU)
$lastip macro
Example use: connect $lastip
Will connect you to the latest server someone pasted in the chat. Note: address must contain port part too (x.y.z.w:port).
FuhQuake 650 - 675 patches
Better gameclock, teamplay macros handling (simmilar to FuhQuake now), rocketlight with gl_flashblend 1 fixed; pasting text in dedicated server fixed; match_auto_sshot problems fixed; loading libraries in Linux fixed; buggy eyes pointing fixed; scoreboard - thick line and time update fixed; f_death issues fixed; skin forcing in QWD demos recorded by spectator fixed; lits can be loaded from maps/lits/ too; gl_colorlights - turns lightning of quad, teamfortress flags, etc. on/off, updates and protocol extensions in singleplayer / cooperative; (disconnect)
ALSA support
Linux sound; (ported by disconnect from ZQuake by Tonik)
Advanced scripting
multiple params & regexp match support for 'viewalias, unalias_re, toggle_re, cvar_reset_re'; regexp match support for 'aliaslist, cvarlist, cmdlist, macrolist'. Examples:
unalias_re alias1 alias2 ^\.took(.+)$
cvar_reset_re gl_part_.+
toggle_re gl_part_.+
cvarlist gl_
Head Up Display changes
  • New HUD elements "healthdamage" and "armordamage" shows amount of damage done to your health or armor during given period. (r_damagestats moved to new HUD; johnnycz)
  • New HUD element "tracking" shows the name of tracked player. (johnnycz)
  • New HUD element "teamfrags" lists frags per team like HUD element "frags" does for players. (johnnycz)
  • New HUD elements "mp3_title" and "mp3_time" shows title and time of currently played song (cokeman)
  • Ported MQWCL 0.96 oldhud customizations (scr_sbar_draw*; scr_scoreboard_*; disconnect).
  • scr_centershift [-999..999] adjusts placement of centerprint messages (+wp_stats, +scores, ...) (ported by disconnect from QW262)
  • frags teamsort 1 fixed; golden brackets around current player/team fixed (johnnycz)
  • fixed bad hud gun & ammo text sizes (1077945 & 1072110 & 1048608, made by disconnect);
Improved loading Half-life maps
Specific halflife/cs wad-files are now not needed (made by VVD).
ZQuake protocol extensions
Will be used only if both client & server support it (disconnect)
MTFL Ruleset
Moscow TF League (disconnect)
minor changes and fixes
  • scr_scalemenu fixed
  • Alternative particle shaft beam disabled in ruleset Smackdown (johnnycz)
  • MD3 models enabled in ruleset smackdown (still detected by f_modified of course);
  • r_telesplash (disconnect)
  • TF: cl_demoplay_flash [0..1] - reduces flash grenade effect when watching demos; (ported by disconnect from QW262);
  • TF: can't change FOV while concussioned (TF with oldgrens) (ported by disconnect from QW262 by BorisU)
  • TF: f_modified checks more TF models (gren1, gren2, detpack; made by disconnect)
  • Support for fractional values of watervis; e.g.: serverinfo watervis 0.85 -> maximal possible water transparency is 15%; (disconnect)
  • Bugfix for tab completion (cl_newcompletion 1, #1031189 & #1031262; jogihoogi)
  • -no24bit -ruleset smackdown QMB particle crash fixed (disconnect)
  • bugfix #1066267: blank lines in sources.txt > startup freeze (fixed by VVD);
  • auto_grabmouse default 1 - added auto_grabmouse, when ezquake gets focus it will autograb the mouse (made by jogihoogi);
  • fixed 1030884 - ignore_qizmo_spec 1 doesn't appear in ignorelist (fixed by johnnycz)
  • Wall color changes disabled during the match. (johnnycz)
  • New command hud_export <filename> exports HUD configuration into external configuration file (johnnycz)
  • New triggers: f_cfgload - triggered when cfg_load command finishes, f_exit - triggered on quit command (johnnycz)
  • Third person camera customization: cl_camera_tpp_height & cl_camera_tpp_distance (johnnycz)
  • New variables: sb_starttab - default tab in Server Browser; sb_autoupdate - turns automatic update of server list when user enters it on/off (johnnycz)
  • Macro $serverip contains ip:port of server connected to (johnnycz)
  • cl_savehistory: on - saves commands history to .ezquake_history and loads it on next start-up (VVD)
  • ignore_opponents 2 - ignores opponents only during the match (johnnycz)
  • XP mouse acceleration fix - This makes non-DirectInput mouse two times less responsive (tonik)
  • sv_aim and noaim removed (disconnect, johnnycz)
  • a lot of bugfixes, code cleanup, etc. (disconnect, tonik)
Build 1144, 2005-04-21 [1.4]
Clock with seconds started when match starts. cl_gameclock 1 counts down, cl_gameclock 2 counts up. cl_gameclock_x/y adjusts it's placement. (1022494, hexum)
Limited usage of teamplay $macros
Usage of teamplay $macros can lead only to execute say_team command. Still can be used in combination with if...then...else... constructs. Hurray to legal tp configs, bye bye to cheaty ones. (idea by Fuh; made by hexum)
Packet disabled during the match
While in ktpro server is in match status, you cannot use packet command. (jogihoogi)
Players info table
/scr_mvdinfo*; when playing .mvd demo you can watch stats (powerup, frags, armor, health, weapon, location) of all players altogether! (jogihoogi)
Fixed flame0.mdl demo bug
From now you do not have to have flame0.mdl to play demos recorded with ezQuake. (1084619, BorisU)
Realtime clock & Multithreaded mouse in linux
RTC (1025018, made by James Ravn, ported by disconnect, documentation) and EVDEV support (made by Strider, ported by hexum, documentation).
Initial .md3 support
Ported by hdworak.
Disabled cl_c2spps with independent physics
This was causing jerky movement of the player on the server. (1106332, jogihoogi)
Intelligent pinging
Two methods of pinging servers in Server Browser - accurate that requires root access and not so much accurate but not requiring root access. (hdworak)
Rain splashes fix
Rain splashes on water surfaces fix. (BorisU)
Multiple clients disabled
Disabled usage of multiple clients in public builds. Enabled for development purposes only. (1084664, VVD)
Limited eyecandy variables
Some eyecandy variables are now limited to very low values when using -ruleset smackdown. (1035361, jogihoogi)
Minor bugfixes
Ignore pnglib/jpeglib loading errors (1038437, VVD), fixed: mouse not free on window mode & focus on other app. (tei), re-enabled condbug on dedicated for debug purposes (tei), fixed: linux compilation errors (1146426, vvd, disconnect), fixed: if a = b then $qtcommand$qt dont work (1156022, disconnect), hud_recalculate is now saved with cfg_save (1157227, johnnycz)
Build 1010, 2004-12-01 [1.3]
AVI capturing
Direct .avi capturing with sound with mp3 compression
MQWCL help+describe system
/help enters QW-related rich (XML) manual section, /describe [command|variable] lists info for stated command or variable.
MQWCL custom HUD
ported from MQWCL 0.97b, ability to display this new hud or old one or both of them: /scr_newhud 0|1|2
Simple textures
new variable /r_drawflat sets solid colors for walls. Colors can be changed with r_wallcolor, r_floorcolor. No need for download simpletextures.
GFX mode switching
New switch Graphics settings in Options menu: You can choose from four preset settings for OpenGL version and two for Software rendering. Removed menu_fps.
Demo deleting
Added possibility to remove demos in demo-browser by pressing DEL button (with ask confirmation) and SHIFT+DEL (quiet)
No root/admin for Serverbrowser
No more root/admin privs required (ping times might be a bit lower than you might expect in game)
Best player tracking
/cl_hightrack is back
Seeing through water
You can always see through water (cheat?!) as a spectator (ahhh!)
Multiple QW clients
Added command line option -allowmultiple for allow multiple client instances (from ZQuake)
Better scripting control
Disabled KTPro's /krjump and /kfjump aliases when client-side movement scripting is disabled. (RFE 1030281)
Graphics customizations
Graphics variables have default values same as in FuhQuake, default is 'faithful' in Options menu, New flame model, Lightning-blood in GL more visible, Eyecandy - cheaty (2nd) (#1041604), completely changed vsync code for linux, fog fixes + variables customization
Included keymaps
National keyboard layouts (/keymap_load) for default, polish, finnish, german, hungarian, uk and environment
Renamed variables
cl_camera_chase > cl_camera_tpp, r_wateralpha > gl_turbalpha, gl_waterripple > gl_turbripple
Predefined $loc_name_mh
Set to "mega". No more ugly teamplay messages.
Some players were requesting it, so old well known /pushlatency is back
#1030146 (players in SB), no_group variables are saved now, multiview sound problems, -no24bit crashes, fog fixes #1032756 and #1032143, #1030652: FrikBot Fix (from ZQuake)
Build 938, 2004-09-21 [1.2]
Bugfix for security
Urgent. (f_version, f_modified, validate_clients)
editalias was renamed to aliasedit (easier to find with alias[tab])
quad, pent, suit, ring color shift working (bug #1030927).
Build 937, 2004-09-19 [1.1]
Security Module
f_modified, f_version, validate_clients now works, no place for cheaters here.
Eyecandy variables
amf_* variables have been adjusted, fixed and renamed. See Graphic settings manual section.
"water", "slime", "tele", "lava" - changes colours of liquids with r_fastturb 1.
Changes text "Tracking lAmEnIcK" to anything you want.
No need for another command line switch.
e.g.: /skygroup marscity dm3 dm2 - sets skybox textures for group of maps
(linux, glx) Possible to turn on vertical synchronization without restarting game. For turning off vsync you need to restart client (linux).
Changed a little
0 - filters nothing (default)
1 - filters mm1 and spec messages
2 - filters mm2 messages
3 - filters mm1, mm2, and spec messages
r_rockettrail, scr_conalpha bug (glx), editalias, #1026806, #1026106, #1025583, #1025184, #1024198, #1023288, #1022481, #1022476, #1022461, #1020663, and a lot of others.
Build 922 and lower [1.0]
patch by Anton Gavrilov (Tonik)
from fuhquakemv-gl client by James Chaney (oppy)
patch by James Chaney (oppy) and Perttu Lahtinen (luny)
from FuhQuake 0.28 source code
no screensaver
patch by Perttu Lahtinen (luny)
patch by Matthias Mohr (Massa)
AMFQuake particles
from AMFQuake 0.39 Final by Vultwah (vultwah@iinet.net.au)
patch by Tomas Jakobsson (Tomaz)
sb info extension
patch by VVD (vvd@quakeworld.ru)
+set cl_independentPhysics

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